Current Series: New Horizons

There’s just something about a great sunrise! The vast array of colors, the deceiving closeness of the sun, the feeling of warmth as it begins to break through the cold of night, all are great characteristics of a great sunrise over the horizon, but I would dare say that there is one attribute of a sunrise that is far greater than these. 

A sunrise signals the dawning of a new day, a new horizon! No matter what happened yesterday, a sunrise awakens new horizons, new opportunities, and new chances! This Sunday, at Portico Church, we will begin a new sermon series that speaks the message of a great sunrise! New Horizons! 

Come and see how God works and calls us to new horizons in our lives, both as a church and as individuals! Do you need a brand-new day? Come and celebrate with us as we focus on the One who causes the sun to rise!