Current Series: Next Level

Where is the joy in my life? What does it mean to, "know" God? Why does it seem like God is so far away from me? Does God really love me, does He truly care? Is Jesus really there, is He really God? Why am I so full of doubts? Why do I continue to sin? Am I really saved?

Have you ever wrestled with these types of questions? If so, join us at Portico Church tomorrow, and for the next few Sundays, as we walk through the letter of 1 John! This letter is a letter of hope, love, assurance, and joy. It's all about seeing more to life; you could say that it is God's Guidebook to the "Next Level" of life!

Family Discipleship

Join us every Sunday morning at 9:30 A.M. for Family Discipleship! It's our chance to gather as a church and really focus in on the ways that the Word of God can be a guide for building, maintaining, and strengthening God centered families. 

We are starting a new Family Discipleship series, Identity: My Life of Faith, this Sunday August 20th, so join us as we walk through knowing who we are as Christians. 

See you this Sunday!