Current Series: Home For The Holidays

The Holidays are always a special time, right? Maybe not for everyone.

If we are not careful we can buy into the false ideas that get portrayed around this time of year. Ideas that seem so natural to us and yet fall so short of lasting value. Gifts are great, but they are not eternal. Family, however, is something that we should truly value. 

This month, at Portico, we will dive into the idea of the gift of family! This will be a series that is founded upon investing in what really matters. We live in a time in which family seems to become less important and yet it is an important building block to every society.

We want you to join us, every Sunday in December at 11 A.M., as we will seek to strengthen families during one of the greatest times of the year!

Family Discipleship

Join us every Sunday morning at 9:30 A.M. for Family Discipleship! It's our chance to gather as a church and really focus in on the ways that the Word of God can be a guide for building, maintaining, and strengthening God centered families. 

See you this Sunday!