Current Series: On Mission

We are meant for more than what this world tries to make us think! We were designed for a purpose, intended for impact through the power of God and His working in our lives!  Christ started His church so that it could make Him know for generations to come. Churches sometimes forget about the mission, we tend to get comfortable and think that life is all about us! When this happens, we need to hear the message again. We are to be ON-MISSION. We are to answer the Lord's call, challenge the way we think, serve with a heart full of joy and commitment, dream big, and be world changers!

Will you join us as we walk through a series that will remind us of why we are here? We hope you will. Purpose leads to fulfillment and there is no greater purpose than to live for the one who gives the ultimate fulfillment! 

Be our guest on any Sunday at 10:30 AM at Sorter's Mill Elementary School in Porter, Tx.