Current Series: I AM

I Am

Two short and simple words that, when used separately, can be lacking imagination and/or creativity. But when combined, they open the doorway to a vast array of elaborate, complex, and superlative descriptions of identity, reality, significance, and focus. We say, “I am a father, mother, husband, wife, etc”. We say, “I am hungry, tired, sleepy, sad, happy”. Some of us say, “I am able, talented, worthy, worthless, defeated, victorious, overlooked, or unforgettable.”

These two, tiny, words can create such power when they are combined, and the strongest message these two words convey is that of identity.

Who are you? I am __________________

It is important to know the answer to this question.

What about God? Who is God? How does God identify Himself? It might seem strange, but when God was asked to identify Himself, He chose to use two tiny and familiar words, “I AM”!

This Sunday, October 1, we will begin a journey about who God is and how that impacts who we are. Please join us at Portico Church for as we gain hope through the Great I AM!

Family Discipleship

Join us every Sunday morning at 9:30 A.M. for Family Discipleship! It's our chance to gather as a church and really focus in on the ways that the Word of God can be a guide for building, maintaining, and strengthening God centered families. 

We are starting a new Family Discipleship series, Identity: My Life of Faith, this Sunday August 20th, so join us as we walk through knowing who we are as Christians. 

See you this Sunday!