Current Sermon Series

"I Love Jesus, But I Hate The Church!"

Have you ever heard this statement before? Have you ever thought or said this before? It is a unique and paradoxical statement. Is it truly possible to simultaneously, love Jesus and yet hate the Church? 

Let's think about it this way, can you truly love someone, yet despise something that is so dear to them that they would actually give their own life for it? To be frank, you and I could not get along very well if you claimed to be my best friend yet hated my wife of 18+ years. 

"Well," you say, "That's a whole different story!" You might say, "We’re talking about the corrupted, misguided, legalistic, money-hungering church, not the wife of Jesus."



Look at these verses:

"Christ loved the church and gave Himself for her to make her holy, cleansing her with the washing of water by the word." Ephesians 5:25a-26

In Matthew 16:18 Jesus says that the church not only belongs to Him, but that He will also build it


Have people caused problems within the church? Yes!

Have some churches presented themselves in a hateful and demeaning way? Yes!

That’s because they are made up of imperfect people, but the church belongs to Jesus! The church is His bride and as dysfunctional as it may be, this truth remains; you cannot be in a great fellowship with Jesus, if you hate His church.


Come and join us at Portico Church as we walk through the idea, devotion, and proclamation of "I Love My Church". This sermon series will emphasize the value and joy in being on board with Jesus when it comes to His church!


We begin the journey this Sunday and will continue throughout the month of February.

Family Discipleship

Join us every Sunday morning at 9:30 A.M. for Family Discipleship! It's our chance to gather as a church and really focus in on the ways that the Word of God can be a guide for building, maintaining, and strengthening God centered families.

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