Current Series: Koinonia

Community! Many would say that they wish their neighborhood and city had a stronger sense of community. In the book of Acts we see that the early church had the truest form of authentic community. This sense of community, or Koinonia in the Greek, was such an attractive element to the surrounding population. The church was intentionally began by Jesus and left on this earth to show forth the wisdom of God. One way for the church to display God's wisdom is through Koinonia. The church is to be an example of Authentic Community that is unified through the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We are bound by Jesus. As believers, we want to be reminded that we must have fellowship and community with the each other in the church and then express that community to the world around us. This, Koinonia, can be a powerful bridge into your life, your community's life, and the life of our church. Please join us as we dive into this great Biblical truth and practice!

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